How do we start working together?

This is often a daunting task for people who are new to using the design process in their business, so let me explain it to you - breaking down the jargon to help you achieve what you want. Three main things to get your website live are: a domain name, website hosting + website builder. I can assist you will all of these - the rest involves us working on your design to create the website you need for your business or idea.

“David, you were so easy to deal with. This was my first website and you gave me fantastic guidance and you were very patient through all the changes I made! I’m delighted with the end result and will definitely use you again when I need to upgrade.”
— Gordon, Container Coffee


why do you want a website?

A good chunk of a web designer's job is to figure out how your website will deliver what you need. Some clients just want a simple landing page site - a bit like a business card, it's a brief introduction to who you are. Other clients want more information within the website so they need more pages to get their message across to visitors. A website that is primarily for selling goods or services is another design format - an eCommerce site. So, when you want to work with me, this will be one of the first questions you are asked. What do you want your website to do for you?

“My job is to use strategic design to create a product that sells your idea.”


what style do you want?

Looking at all the different websites online will give you a sense of what you like + dislike. So, what style suits your idea? Photo-realistic, illustration, nature...two-tone? There are so many variations to choose from, so it's important to know what you like and does this design compliment your idea. Depending on your preference, there may be additional work involved so we need to be sure how to approach that within your time frame + budget. Do you need illustration or photography for your website? Are there particular colours you want used - to suit your personality or the brand? 

what are you trying to say?

Getting a message across to your website visitors is possible through a variety of channels these days. Using words + images to express your ideas to potential clients or customers is essential these days, and this is where my skills in web design and strategic thinking help you on your journey. There are so many other aspects to a website (e.g. social media links, payment buttons, forms, videos, surveys, analytics, etc.) that will help you communicate with your customers + clients. Your website can be a single platform for you to share your idea around the world... it's so easy to do all of this now! See some examples here, here + here.



do you want Print Material?

Most businesses use some form of print material to help share information about who they are + what they do. Many of my clients have ordered print design services alongside their website. So if you need business cards, flyers, posters, exhibition stands, booklets or branded documents, then I can help you with this. I can create your design, have it printed + delivered to you. If I already have your graphics from the website design, I can adapt them to suit your needs - cutting down on your time + costs. Check out examples and here


do you want a logo?

Some businesses have this from the start, while others deal with it later as they grow, or change it after they develop their idea further. I have been involved at various stages and the basic structure to getting the work done is to consider the following questions: does your logo need an image, or just text? do you want your logo to have specific colours? do you have a byline for your idea? what style do you want? where will you use the logo? And obviously, what is your budget? This last question will determine how much time I spend on the project, and the level of redesign I can offer. You can see some examples of my work here...and here.


Do you have more questions?