Hello Strangers


Ok, so I'm trying to put myself out there - share my skills, learn some skills, build a small business. And part of that process is obviously to build up new relationships. Sounds both exciting and terrifying to me at the moment. So, while I have to develop relationships I'd also like to keep it interesting as well. Most of my working life has involved advocating for the needs of others in the voluntary sector. Now, I'm trying to do something for others + myself, while charging a fee. It's a new dynamic.

So, I had an idea that helps me put myself out there while also being creative and allows me to share with others - at no cost to them. I learn, you receive. What's the idea? It's simple enough - I will send you a nice greeting card in the post if you send me your details. No hidden agenda; it's just a simple blend of digital + analogue creativity from me to you :) * *I will only use your information for this project, and not spam you or share it anywhere. Once I send you a card your details are deleted; not stored for future use.* I'm a big believer in Data Protection so your privacy will not be abused.


So how do I plan on doing this? I have personally used an app called Felt and really like the concept. It's great for sending real cards + images to family + friends with my own hand written message. I like the app because it helps me (the occasional procrastinator) to communicate more with others without using texts or email. I noticed recently that Felt have a subscription service, which lets you send a few cards each month for a set fee. I think this is a great incentive for me so I thought I could also share this enthusiasm with others. I get to be creative, build my communication skills, and share with strangers around the world. And it's fun.

So, how do you get involved? If you would like to receive a beautiful card in the post, please complete the form below. If you love nature, sports, animals...whatever; let me know and I'll try include them in your card. I live in Ireland - a tiny country on the western border of Europe - I'm sure you've heard of it. It's a beautiful country, there's plenty to see (9,584,400 people agree with me) so each card will share the jewels of this tiny island. The Felt App subscription fee covers post within the US only (understandably, there's a small surcharge for overseas postage); so I'll try balance your requests within my budget (i.e. there's a limited number I can send). It will cost you nothing. If you want to do something in return, maybe send me a quick email or tag me on social media when it arrives.

I'd love a card from Ireland :)

Name *
Anything else I should know?
*I will only use your information for this project; no spam or sharing. Once I send you a card your details are deleted; I'm a big believer in Data Protection so your privacy will not be abused.
** I should also mention that this is my idea, not a promotion for the Felt App. They are not responsible for this idea. I just want to do something nice. I like using the app, but I can't promise or endorse anything they promote. The images above are from their Media Kit and help demonstrate what I want to send out to you. :)