It can mean so much to some. Before I married M* she was my friend, then my girlfriend, my partner + now my wife. We also have kids, so we're partners in parenting now. We both have multi-faceted jobs, with which we regularly support each other. We're kind of business partners too. 

In most people there is a time when we support others, and when someone supports us. I sometimes struggle with the role of support receiver, and thankfully my wife reminds me that her role as my partner is also to offer and provide support. And that's what our partnership is - sharing + using our qualities when necessary. Accepting the support we occasionally need. Utilising the skills of others to make something work, instead of trying to do something alone.

So, how does this involve you? Well, I'm offering to be your partner - a creative partner - to help you get things done with your idea. My work has involved individuals who wanted to expand an idea they had. We created a partnership to make something work. One project involved a large group of professionals, geographically spread across the country, to have a digital space that shared their skills + vision. They needed the help of my skills to create the solution.

It's a start to accept that we all need help at times. It's great if we have a partner to work with. My work has always involved looking after the needs of others - providing a commitment to resolve an issue in order to move forward. All of my work has involved more than one person to work it out. Most of the time creativity + solutions is what was needed. Is my next partnership with you + your idea?